«Petrochemical Refining Complex - Module-Siberia»

«Module-Siberia» is a large oil refinery and petrochemical complex producing different types of fuel, lubricating oil and bitumens, aromatic hydrocarbons and petrochemicals.

Formerly known as «Nkpk-Angarsky», «Module-Siberia» has many years experience of financing, construction, management and operation of the oil and gas industry in the Krasnodar krai region of Russia. Attracting foreign investment and long-term loans for expansion and reconstruction of oil and gas facilities in Russian Federation.

Our Technology Organization works collaboratively with our Exploration, Production, Drilling and Completions organizations to maximize the value of our global assets. We advance technologies with collaborative efforts that offer participants opportunities to develop ideas quickly, effectively and at lower cost.

Our Activities

Oil, Gas and Chemicals

Suppliers of Crude, Refined Petroleum Products, Gases, Hydrocarbon and more.

Reliable Delivery

We effectively deliver products across europe, asia, middle east, united states and africa

Better Solution

We’ve launched major initiatives to become more efficient, innovative and customer focused.