About «Petrochemical Refining Complex - Module-Siberia»

"LLC «MODULE-SIBERIA» is a leading provider for Oil, Gas and Chemicals in Russian Federation."

Company LLC «MODULE-SIBERIA» formerly known as "Petrochemical Refining Complex Angarsky («NKPK-ANGARSKY») was established and registered in February 2013.
The core business of the Company is oil stock refining and petroleum products sales.
«Module-Siberia» LLC delivers wide range of petroleum products to the Russian market as well as to the countries of the near and far abroad. Petroleum products include high-octane automobile gasoline, automobile gasoline, jet fuel, summer and winter diesel fuel, fuel oil, oils, liquefied gas, vacuum gasoil. Among the business partners of the Company are residents of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Belarus, China, and also Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Great Britain, the Netherlands and USA.
During 2013, «Module-Siberia» had transferred for the refining about 8,8 million tons of crude oil, in 2012 – 15,8 million tons, in 2013 - 55,8 million tons, in 2014 – about 75,9 million tons

Our Technology Organization works collaboratively with our Exploration, Production, Drilling and Completions organizations to maximize the value of our global assets. We advance technologies with collaborative efforts that offer participants opportunities to develop ideas quickly, effectively and at lower cost.

Though the Company mainly operates in the Russian Federation, it implements the strategy of an efficient reserves increase and expansion of the territory of its activities not only outside the, but out of the Russian Federation as well.

Our Innovative Development Program is an essential element of its development concept. The Company innovation efforts are designed to modernize its operations base and develop and implement new technologies aimed to help the Company achieve its operational objectives. Those include reserves replenishment, recovery efficiency enhancement, full utilization of associated gas, effective implementation of offshore projects, deeper oil refining, higher energy efficiency, lower capital and operating costs, and environmental and industrial safety assurance.

Vision & Strategy

“To be the clear market leader with integrity and high reliability segments of every market in which we operate.”

LLC «Module-Siberia» has a clear vision and a consistent strategy, an integral part of which are our core values.

Our people vision and strategy are fully aligned with achieving Module-Siberia vision, executing our Group's strategy and living our values. Our strategy is to:

  • Provide a safe, healthy and stimulating work environment which encourages innovation and ideas for improvement so that everyone can make a difference;
  • Successfully recruit, retain and develop our employees to realise their full potential;
  • Recognise and reward employee performance and commitment;
  • Appreciate and respect the contribution of our employees at every level and location throughout the organisation;
  • Maintain our position as one of the best companies to work for in all countries where we operate; and
  • Celebrate success at an individual, team and regional level.

Company Mission

"To add significant value for clients through exploration and appraisal success, development and optimal management, and astute commercial deals."

Specifically, there are five main elements:

  • Increasing near-term production from our existing proven and probable reserves base
  • Promoting further growth through commercialising our contingent resources
  • Exploration, by focusing on our core geologies, in order to underpin our medium term production target
  • Making value-adding acquisitions in other regions; and
  • Maintaining financial strength and access to capital markets throughout the cycle

We are guided by the requirements of Russian legislation and the provisions of international law. Cutting the Company’s harmful atmospheric emissions is a priority. Special attention is paid to preventative steps aimed at minimizing any negative impact on the environment.